The rerelease of The Sports Business Handbook includes fifty of the most significant sports-related moments that changed the industry. From the Black Power salute at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games to George Steinbrenner’s purchase of the New York Yankees, these monumental events provide not only a sense of how far we’ve come, but where we may be heading as well. To celebrate these iconic moments in the industry, Rick has teamed up with Staks to create 10 NFTs from among the list that capture these gamechangers.

Originally released in early 2020, The Sports Business Handbook was received as the most unique collection of commentary and advice from industry leaders in the business of sports. When Covid-19 brought the sports industry to a halt, the game fundamentally changed. As the industry reopens, we find ourselves looking at a new industry and with this change, a need for an updated version of the handbook. With contributions from twenty different business leaders, this rerelease features their experience and insight into how the business is evolving.

Rick Horrow is the editor of The Sports Business Handbook: Insights From 100+ Leaders Who Shaped 50 Years of the Industry and its rerelease, featuring the 50 most significant sports-related moments of this time. As CEO of Horrow Sports Ventures, Rick Horrow has been the architect of over 100 deals worth more than $20 billion in sports, performing arts, and other urban infrastructure projects. Horrow pioneered the public/private partnership and infrastructure branding concepts that, to date, have enticed more than $4 billion in corporate funding to cities and development projects.

A popular speaker, writer, and commentator on the business, law, and politics of sports, he is nicknamed “The Sports Professor” because he has been Visiting Expert on Sports Business at the Harvard Law School.

In addition to providing regular sports business content to Bloomberg Radio and penning a weekly column for Yahoo! Finance, Horrow hosts monthly national television shows titled “Good Sports” and “The Icons”, which are carried by Bally Sports, formerly known as Fox Sports Networks, and other RSNs. His “Keeping Score” podcast and blog are weekly keystones of Thomson Reuters’ sports business coverage. Horrow’s clients have included major sports leagues like the NFL, NASCAR, and U.S. Polo, along with professional teams like the New York Mets, the San Francisco Giants, and the Indianapolis Colts among many others.

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