Platform designed for the gig economy releases milestone update for flagship apps

NASHVILLE, TN (September 21, 2022) — Nashville-based Staks announces today that versions 2.0 of both their StaksPay and StaksMusician apps have been released, bringing with them a host of new features and improvements to the capabilities of the platform. The focus for these updates was offering new ways to conduct transactions, more support tools for tracking them, and improving the experience for new and established users alike.

“Our goal for the Staks platform is to provide innovative payment solutions that enable participants to create new digital economies while driving fan, client, and patron engagement,” said Scott Pranger, CEO and founder of Staks. “With these updates we’ve taken a huge leap forward in regard to the foundation of our apps, offering features that feel intuitive and rewarding for people to engage with.”

Key improvements in versions 2.0 of the StaksPay & StaksMusician mobile apps are:

  • Group Pay
    Organizations, teams, and bands can set up their groups to have payment automatically divided amongst them based on custom percentages or a fixed amount for each member. This feature can support members who are contracted on a per diem basis.
  • Invoicing
    Added invoicing capabilities provide more structural tools to businesses and gig workers, reducing time and money spent tracking transactions and payments.
  • ACH Payments
    Automated Clearing House payments are now available, enabling Staks users with unlimited transaction amounts.
  • Instant Transfers
    An added benefit of ACH payments is that users can now select instant transfer for incoming payments, guaranteeing access to funds within thirty minutes for a small flat fee.
  • MyWallet (1.0)
    Users are now able to store tips and funds received in their StaksPay and StaksMusician “MyWallet” feature.
  • Schedule Performances
    Musicians can now schedule upcoming performances with the location, date, and time listed.
  • Guide for New Installations
    During the sign-up process, the StaksPay app now provides a guide to help users quickly set up their cards and bank accounts.
  • Simplified Sign-Up
    A redesigned signup experience to reduce the number of screens to swipe through making it easier than ever to onboard new users.
  • Redesigned Homepage
    Staks has revamped their home page, providing easy access to commonly used features.
  • Enhanced Search Features & Advanced Tips
    A new enhanced search feature enables fans and patrons to filter upcoming/active performances and tip before they start.

While these updates represent a milestone regarding the functionality of the apps, they’re also instrumental in providing a foundation for other key features in development. “The MyWallet feature alone marks the beginning of our ability to develop structures that will give users access to web 3.0, including our upcoming crypto based StaksRewards program that utilizes StaksCoin, as well as a Staks NFT marketplace,” shared Bala Ganesh, CTO of Staks.

About Staks
Staks is a leading provider of transformative digital asset & mobile payment solutions to the sports, entertainment, and gig work industries. Their mission is to enable participants with the ability to create new & profitable digital economies while increasing fan engagement. Led by a talented team of software developers and architects, Staks brings combined experience in Fintech, cybersecurity, and AWS-based enterprise grade software architecture and strategy.