By Alex Chimienti

The Sports Industry has had to adapt over the years, integrating technological innovations into the experience for fans in person and watching at home. The key word in that sentence is “experience”.

The games themselves don’t change much but our ability to watch, interact with teams, and connect with other fans is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was just even ten years ago.

In the next ten years? NFTs are going to be the defining change in what it means to be a fan. Here’s how:

  1. Every Game is An Opportunity
    Sports fans are willing to spend good money for a collectible that has ties to a historic event in a player or team’s history. By making an NFT of a ticket to a specific game, teams and venues can offer exclusive digital footage of any highlight reels recorded from it.

    Now fans not only have a ticket from a legendary moment, they’ve got the means for selling it. Smart contracts built into the NFT ensure that a percentage of any sale from that seat will always go back to the original seller, i.e. the venue or team owner, bringing in untold revenue for everyone involved.

  2. New Ways to Interact at a Venue
    Venues are always looking for new ways to entice season ticket members and with NFTs there are a host of options for doing just that.

    With a season ticket membership NFT, fans can have their own unique QR code available on an app that allows them to access special privileges like VIP lounges or discounted concessions with confidence in the authenticity of their privileges. Use of these privileges could enter members into a raffle for tokens from that game or other promotional contests.

  3. Digital Trophies
    Younger generations are increasingly interested in expressing social capital in digital spaces. This could include limited edition digital jerseys of their favorite players or even trophies of their participation as a fan from an exclusive event.

    The ability to offer early purchase windows or special discounts to season ticket members adds an entirely new dimension to how fans can collect to express their passion and dedication to their teams.

  4. New Membership Tiers for At Home Viewers
    Technological advancements allow fans from anywhere to feel like they’re a part of the action. When their experience of thegame is no longer limited to physical location, venues and teams can offer new membership programs to welcome viewers from all over into the action.

    Packages could include opportunities like special access to player and bench cams or even halftime lockerroom chats, the likes of which are also open to being minted as limited edition tokens.

  5. Greater Access to Teams for Fans
    Fans are always looking for new ways to interact with their favorite players and teams. NFTs unlock a number of new channels for them to do so. NFT holders can gain access to digital hangouts or even physical meet-and-greets with team members.

    They can also get involved with non-strategy related decisions like shoutouts and walk-up music for the players. The end result is more ways than ever for fans and teams to connect.