Companies Sign Agreement to Integrate Cryptocurrency into KissCam 2.0 Platform

DENVER, Colo (February 9, 2022) – KissCam, LLC (KissCam) and Staks™ have entered into an agreement enabling Staks to deliver the soon-to-be-released cryptocurrency StaksCoin™. The cryptocurrency will use KissCam’s patented KissCam® Contests and promotions to earn tokens that then can be exchanged for items of value.

The KissCam Contest mobile app was initially developed for use during sporting events in a venue.Since then, KissCam’s patented technology was expanded to a web-based app that can be used for any live or virtual event around the world. KissCam holds the registered trademark for KissCam in the U.S. and many countries worldwideand is licensing the brand to make the KissCam experience available everywhere. Fans can now participate inKissCam Contests from anywhere in the world by using the KissCam web app.

“Teaming with Staks to fuse the time-tested KissCam brand with the cryptocurrency world enhances each platform. Combining StaksCoin with our KissCam exclusive app and patented Contest is a great partnership that will allow individuals to earn StaksCoin during our events,” said Dana Veitch, KissCam Founder and CEO.

“KissCam is recognized worldwide as part of the sports fan experience. Their entrance into the crypto world through this agreement with StaksCoin complements both companies,” Staks Chairman and CEO Scott Pranger added.

About KissCam, LLC:
Founded in 2012, KissCam, LLC is a privately held entertainment, advertising, and video/photo messaging company that owns the KissCam registered trademark in the U.S. and many countries worldwide, KissCam Contests in the Arena, licensing agreements, and a photo-sharing web and mobile app. For further information about a KissCam licensing agreement or Contest, visit

About Staks:
Staks, mobile apps StaksPay™,and StaksMusician™ help performers and fans connect without algorithms or ATMs. With digital payments and tipping, artists have an easy way to split earnings across band members, document their income -and see who’s attendingand showing their appreciation at events. Plus, geolocation makes it easy for fans to find, be seen by, and support bands they like -before they even know their name. To learn more, visit

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