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StaksPay helps bands and fans connect without algorithms or ATMs. Through digital payments and tipping, artists have an easy way to split earnings across band members, document their income, and see who’s showing up and showing appreciation at events. Plus, geolocation makes it easy for fans to find and support bands they like, before they even know their name.
When you tip with StaksPay, you can choose to let the band discover you and receive early access to new shows, exclusive content and more. Fan Appreciation Reimagined: good for you and for the artists and bands you love.
When you make a payment or leave a tip with StaksPay, you directly reward artists for the music they make. The payments app designed for the gig economy, StaksPay helps artists split payments and tips, maintain their independence, and connect with fans faster. With your very first tip or merch purchase, you’re automatically added to an inner circle of elite fans in direct communication with your favorite artists/bands.
StaksPay solves a lot of problems, streamlining business so bands/artists can do what they do best: make music! A simple way for artists to divide up tips/revenue at the end of the gig and document their earnings, StaksPay also gives the artist a direct line to new and existing fans. With StaksPay you’re joining an established, vetted ecosystem of bands and their supporters.
You can easily search for and discover new artists by using the Staks search feature. Find out who’s playing within a 5-mile radius or click on a QR code provided by the artist to go directly to their StaksPay page.
Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3. Download StaksMusician from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Set up your profile, adding your band members and/or crew plus the proper percentages of tips or pay you want to go to each. Then start accepting tips or payments within minutes.